Lakeshore Dahlias LLC is proud to grow dahlias in West Michigan.  We are U.S. based and only ship within the continental U.S.

Welcome to Lakeshore Dahlias LLC

Quality Dahlia Tubers from West Michigan

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A Lakeshore Story

Paula has spent many happy years gardening.  She learned a lot from her mother and her aunt, who were involved with their local garden clubs.  Paula‚Äôs love for dahlias began in 2017.

It first started when she purchased two dahlia plants from her local garden center.  They were beautiful, and most prizing were the huge dahlias.

A few years later, Paula purchased four more plants from her local garden center.  In 2022, she decided to purchase a large variety of tubers in various colors and forms.  She will be selling the offspring tubers in the spring.

Paula York

Defining Quality Tubers

We grow all our dahlia plants in containers so any issues with quality are isolated.

We guarantee all our dahlia tubers that are taken care of with proper care.