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How to Store Dahlia Tubers for Winter

Tubers inside plastic container, layered in white pine needles.

If your tubers have been in the ground 120 days, you may go ahead and dig them up now! It is not necessary to wait for a killing frost. If you’re in a growing zone which gets freezing temperatures and snow, you will need to dig your tubers up and store them inside during winter. … Read more

May Newsletter

There is a lot of activity happening in our dahlia gardens! Planting tubers, setting up support stakes, you name it. We also need to keep informed about the weather for the week. I have the local weather app on my phone. It informs me of high and low temperatures for the week and sends me … Read more

April Newsletter

A Couple Brief Announcements Sell-out Sale We have exciting news! All of our dahlia tubers are now on sale for just $5.99 each! We have restocked several quantities. They all have eyes and most have sprouts! They want to grow! You can view our remaining tubers on our website. Wallpaper Packs Keep an eye out, we … Read more

March Newsletter

Hello Dahlia Gardeners, I thought I would share how I wake up tubers. This is especially relevant to those of us who dig up tubers in late fall and store them inside a cool, dark room. This pertains to growing zones which have freezing temperatures and/or snow! If you are new to growing dahlias, it … Read more

February Newsletter

As we anticipate the coming of spring, it is a good time of year to do some serious garden planning! Some of us grow dahlias directly in the ground. Others grow dahlias in specially prepared raised beds. Then too, some of us grow dahlias in containers. At Lakeshore Dahlias LLC, we grow our dahlias in … Read more