Lakeshore Dahlias LLC is proud to grow dahlias in West Michigan.  We are U.S. based and only ship within the continental U.S.

Thank you for your support this season! All tubers are out-of-stock until next season.

Dahlia Tips

  1. After your shipment arrives, please open the bags for air circulation and inspect each tuber. If you have any questions, please email me at
  1. Plant tubers outside after the danger of frost is past. Dahlias require at least 6 hours of sun daily, well draining soil (no clay), and support (a round tomato cage, stakes, cane poles, or t-post and netting). Dahlias may be grown in the ground or 5 gallon containers.
  1. Planting
    Dig a hole 4-6” deep. Lay the tuber horizontal and cover with soil. I usually avoid watering until the sprout is 3” above the ground. This is because the tuber has not yet developed a root system. Too much water early on can rot the tuber. The exception is if your soil is extremely dry. If it is, just water a small amount then wait a week. Gradually increase water as the sprout grows.
  1. At planting time we recommend sprinkling osmocote on top of the soil around each plant. It is an excellent slow release granular fertilizer. There is no need to work it into the soil.
    We also recommend “Sluggo Plus” in a circle on top of the soil around each plant.
  1. Rain
    If rain is predicted before a stalk reaches 3” tall, we recommend pulling a rain tarp over your plants. We use round tomato cages for support, then use clothespins to clip the plastic to the cage. Plastic tarps can be found in hardware stores in the paint department or a store with camping supplies.
  1. Pinch!
    When each plant is 12-15” tall and has 4 leaf sets, it is time to pinch the central stem. This helps the plant ot bush out and bloom more. We recommend a sticker on the stake to indicate that the plant was pinched. A one time pinch is all that is needed.
  1. Fertilizer
    We recommend Miracle Gro Bloom Booster throughout the growing season.
  1. Soil for Containers
    Avoid all Miracle Gro Soil as it burns tubers.
    We recommend 2 parts organic top soil, 1 part potting soil. Adding compost is a plus!

  2. Organza Bags
    Organza bags are available on Amazon. Tie the bags over the buds. Blooms open inside the bags without insect damage.