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December Newsletter

Merry Christmas

We hope everyone is having a fulfilling time with loved ones this Christmas season.

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Spring Fever

Do you have spring fever? I definitely do. While it may seem like a time of waiting to get our hands dirty, there’s still plenty to do with checking your tubers and making a plan of what to plant where.

What to Check For

It’s important to check your tubers ever 3-4 weeks over winter. Here are three items to specifically check for.

Moldy Tubers

If you find your tubers have mold, it’s an easy fix! Use a Lysol Disinfectant Wipe on the affected tubers. Move your storage container to a more cool location. The ideal temperature is 45f.

Rotten Tubers

Occasionally, a mother tuber may rot. If they feel squishy like they’re rotting, you can cut off that portion of the tuber, dust the exposed section with cinnamon, and return the tuber to the packing medium.

Shriveled Tubers

I don’t worry about shriveled tubers as they are very resilient. They will be fine after they’re in some potting soil and planted outside. I’ve seen many beautiful blooms arise from shriveled tubers. Never give up on them. However, a word of caution — never spray your tubers with water or soak them, as this leads to rot.

In Conclusion

In February we will be dividing our tuber clumps. Following tuber division, we will begin waking our tubers up using the baggy method. This will help presprout all the tubers we hope to sell. We will be thrilled to announce many new varieties prior to our March tuber sale.

If you have any further questions, you can contact me via my contact form.

Happy growing!
Paula York
Owner, Lakeshore Dahlias LLC