Lakeshore Dahlias LLC is proud to grow dahlias in West Michigan.  We are U.S. based and only ship within the continental U.S.

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Getting Started with Dahlia Tubers

Please inspect your dahlia tubers. If you have questions, contact us at

Dahlias need at least 6-8 hrs of sun daily, well drained soil. If you have clay soil, amend with peat moss.

You may start them inside 4-6 weeks before planting outside.

Plant in spring after your last frost date, when the ground temperatures are around 60 degrees (f). Plant tubers 4-6″ deep, laying them horizontally in the ground or in 5 gallon containers.

Do not use any soil with fertilizer or weed killers added to it.

Dahlias that are 3ft or taller will require a round tomato cage or stake for support.

Rain may be adequate in taking care of water needs until sprouts grow above ground. If your climate is dry or hot, you will need to water once a week to assist the tuber grow roots. Take care to cover tubers with plastic tarps if you are getting too much rain. Tubers can easily rot if they get too much water.

Pinch the central stem after the 4th leafset. This will help the dahlia branch out more.

Fertilize after 6 weeks or when the stalk is about 12″ tall. Continue to fertilize accordingly until October 1st.